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As a mom of four, and a clinical psychologist, I know that having good friends matters to kids–a lot.

But it’s not always easy to make or keep friends! In fact, it seems like it’s gotten harder for kids to learn about getting along with their peers. Maybe it’s because we’re all so busy. Maybe it’s because our ever-present electronic gadgets and games add a whole new dimension to the social world. Maybe it’s the greater academic stress (that even young kids feel) and the intensity of extracurricular activities that crowd out plain old playing.

I created because I want kids to have information about friendships that’s fun, interesting, and useful. The tone of the website is playful, but the topic is vitally important.

I hope you and your kid(s) enjoy this site!

Warm wishes,

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD

Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide To Making and Keeping Friends
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For more in-depth discussion of children’s friendships, please check out my books, videos, and blog for parents, or look at the selected articles about children’s friendships listed below.

My newest book for children is Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster, for children ages six to twelve). It features cartoon vignettes about common friendship challenges and a narrator who explains what’s happening and offers (research-based) tips about what kids can do. The stars of the book are a cat and dog character who wander through the text making goofy suggestions along the lines of: “He should sniff their butts!”

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My psychology practice (NJ lic #35SI00425400) is based in Princeton, NJ, where I work with adults, children, and families. If you’d like to learn more about my counseling and psychotherapy work, writing, media, or speaking programs for schools and community groups, please visit my main website,

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NEW! Dr. Friendtastic’s Mini-Guides for Parents

These brief ebooks offer busy parents quick, useful, and targeted advice for dealing with common children’s friendship problems. You’ll find tips to use in the moment or longer term. More mini-guides coming soon.


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“Official” Bio

In “real life,” Dr. Friendtastic (aka Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD) is an author, psychologist, and speaker specializing in parenting and children’s feelings and friendships.  She has written or co-authored many books, including The Unwritten Rules of Friendship (Little, Brown) and Smart Parenting for Smart Kids (Jossey-Bass/Wiley). Her newest book is Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends (Beyond Words/Simon & Schuster).

Dr. Kennedy-Moore is a professor for The Great Courses, serves on the advisory board for Parents magazine, is an expert contributor for PBS Parents, and blogs for Psychology Today. She has been a featured guest on The TODAY SHOW and other national television and radio shows and is frequently quoted in major magazines and newspapers, such as Parents, Working Mother, Real Simple, and The Chicago Tribune.

Dr. Kennedy-Moore has a clinical psychology practice in Princeton, NJ (lic. #35SI00425400), where she works with adults, children, and families.

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