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Books by Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, for kids and parents, about children's feelings and friendships.


As a mom of four, and a clinical psychologist, I know that having good friends matters to kids–a lot–but it’s not always easy to make or keep friends!

I created the Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic podcast and because I want kids to have information about friendships that’s fun, interesting, and useful. The tone of the website is playful, but the topic is vitally important. I hope you and your kid(s) enjoy this site!

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Quick & Easy Friendship Lessons

Teachers, use the Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic podcast as part of your morning meeting or for an SEL or community-building lesson:

  1. - Play a podcast episode up to the end of the featured child's question.
  2. - Ask students what advice they would give that child.
  3. - Play Dr. Friendtastic's answer.
  4. - Ask students what they think of the answer.
  5. - Use the discussion questions provided to deepen students' understanding.


Encourage your students to send in their own questions about friendship to the podcast! (See instructions HERE.)

Dr. Friendtastic Videos - Quick Friendship Tips to Help Your Child

These 2-minute videos provide parents with quick tips to help children make and keep friends.

Featured Books

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"Official" Bio

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, PhD, (aka "Dr. Friendtastic") is an internationally published author, psychologist, and mom of four. Her recent books for children are Moody Moody Cars, Growing Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Dealing with Emotions about Friends and Other Kids, and Growing Friendships: A Kids’ Guide to Making and Keeping Friends. She is the author or co-author of four books for parents: Kid ConfidenceSmart Parenting for Smart KidsThe Unwritten Rules of Friendship, and What’s My Child Thinking? Her books have been translated into ten languages. She is also the professor for The Great Courses/Wondrium audio/video series, Raising Emotionally and Socially Healthy Kids.

She is the creator of a podcast for children, Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic.

A trusted expert on parenting and child development, Dr. Kennedy-Moore has been a featured guest on Live with Kelly and Ryan, The TODAY Show, and Good Day Philadelphia as well as dozens of major radio shows and podcasts. She has been interviewed and quoted in numerous newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, Real SimpleWorking Mother, and Woman’s Day. Her blog, Growing Friendships, on Psychology Today has over 5 million views.

Dr. Kennedy-Moore has a clinical psychology practice in Princeton, NJ, where she works with adults, children, and families (NJ License #35SI00425400). She frequently speaks at schools, conferences, and corporations. She and her husband have four grown children.

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