All About Dr. Friendtastic

Who is Dr. Friendtastic?

Hi, there! My real name is Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore. I’m an author and psychologist in Princeton, NJ.* I work with kids, adults, and families, to help them feel happier and get along better. For example, I often help kids who feel stressed, struggle with worries, get mad a lot, or feel lonely. I’m a good kind of doctor, because I never give shots! I’ve also written a bunch of books, blog posts, and videos about kids’ feelings and friendships.

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* NJ licensed psychologist #35SI00425400

Why do you use such a silly name?

You’re right: “Dr. Friendtastic” is a silly name! My real-life work is pretty serious, but I wanted this site to be fun. Learning about friendship shouldn’t be boring! I also think that friends are FANTASTIC! (Get it? Friend-Tastic!)

Do you wear a cape in real life?

Not as often as I’d like!

Why do you care so much about kids' friendships?

When I was growing up, my family moved about every three years. We also lived overseas (Spain and Peru). Americans living abroad tend to move a lot, which meant, on top of my own family’s moves, I also had a lot of friends move away from me. One good thing about so much moving is that I became a good writer from writing so many letters to distant friends!

Another good thing about so much moving is that I became an expert at a young age at making new friends and connecting with lots of different people—I kind of had to!

As a grown up, I’ve spent a lot of time talking with kids about friendship issues in my psychology practice.* I’ve also studied a lot of scientific research about children’s friendships. I know how important friendship is for kids, so my books, blogs, and this website are all about giving kids the information they need to make and keep friends.

* NJ licensed psychologist #35SI00425400

Will your advice definitely work?

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that. The advice on this website is general. It draws from what I’ve learned from research and experience. It may or may not apply to your situation. I hope you’ll find it interesting and useful, but I can’t promise that it will help you. If you’re not sure whether the advice is right for you, or if you need more help than I offer on this website, please talk to a grown up who cares about you.

If I send you a question, will you answer it?

Go to the PODCAST page on this site to see how to submit an audio recording of your question to the Kids Ask Dr. Friendtastic podcast. I can't promise I'll answer your question, but I will definitely listen to it.

Do you have kids?

Yes, my husband and I have four kids. I like kids a lot.

What is your puppy's name?

Quincy. Pets can be very good friends. Unfortunately, Quincy is imaginary, but he sure is cute!

Can you come speak at my school?

Yes, I’d love to visit your school!

Have an adult from your school look over the speaking page of my main website then contact me at: speaking [at]

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