Friendship Puzzler #202: Your friend beats you at checkers three times in a row and wants to play again. You should:

  1. Accuse your friend of cheating.
  2. Knock the board over and say your friend has to pick up the pieces.
  3. Say, “Ugh. I guess so” and sulk or don’t even try during the next game.
  4. Say, “You sure are good at checkers!” and suggest a different activity.
  5. Start singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Answer: d — It’s not fun to lose–especially three times in a row–but you need to be a good sport. c) is not a good answer because, even though you’re doing what your friend wants, you’re not doing it in a friendly way. That ruins the game for your friend. It’s better to suggest a new activity that both you and your friend will enjoy, so you can have fun together.