Boy needs friendship adviceQuestion #147: How many friends do I need?
- Lizzie Countingbuddies

Dear Lizzie,

You need enough friends that you feel understood and liked.

Sometimes, kids have just one super close friend. This can be wonderful, but it’s a rare and precious kind of friendship. And what happens if that friend is sick one day, or you have an argument, or your friend moves away?

Usually it’s a good idea to have other kinds of friends, in addition to a close friend. You might have a bus stop friend, a soccer friend, a neighbor friend, a cousin friend… Each of these different types of friends adds to your life. And sometimes these more casual friends turn into close friends.

Having more types of friends also gives you more opportunity for fun!

Sometimes kids only have casual friends and no one super close friend. That’s okay, too. The important thing is that you feel connected to other kids who you like and who like you back.

Best wishes in friendship,

Dr. Friendtastic